Howdy! I'm Brandon Artist, Innovator of Diagonal-Art and Capturer of Time. I am a Photographic Artist. I deeply enjoy capturing time in nature with all its glory, from the smallest detailed insects to the biggest mountains.  I desire to capture time in obscene strangeness of my perspective in life Diagonal-Art. Mostly I create amazing works of Art by doing what I love. Capturing that one moment in time to live in, remember, imagine, escape to and share with you to do the same. You have one life, fill it with beautiful time capsules to enjoy your entire life. Every image is a single second of recorded life on this planet. We can't be everywhere, but you can have moments in time to escape to at home or work, help heal your down mood, boost up that place of yours or even inspire you to greatness. That is my Purpose, to Capture Time for You.     

Please enjoy my Portfolio, all images are available to purchase as prints, calendars, mugs or gifts.

If you are looking for something specific, you may contact me at [email protected].

Thank you for visiting Belflower Art! Have a Groovy Day!


This Amazing shot of me was taken by - Mx. McCrea